Bank One Center

Comerica Bank Tower

1717 Main - 1987
(formerly Bank One Center)

This barrel vaulted skyscraper was designed by Philip Johnson & John Burgee of New York.  The building is constructed on an entire city block and has two plazas on the east and west ends.  Its base is larger than the tower rising out of it and is capped off by a barrel vault.  The tower starts off rectangular, and through a few setbacks forms a cross shaped tower.  At the top each arm is capped by a barrel vault.  The center sections of the building that ultimately become the vaults are glass curtain walls, while the remainder of the building is clad in granite with smaller, rectangular windows.  The height of the skyscraper is 787 feet and it has 60 stories, making it the 3rd tallest building in Dallas.  At night the upper portions of the barrel vaults are illuminated with up lights that highlight the decorative grilles above the highest occupied floor.


Base of Building

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