Fountain Place

From Northwest

Looking North on Field Street

Fountain Place

1445 Ross - 1986

This unique skyscraper was designed by I.M. Pei and Partners who also designed One Dallas Center, Energy Plaza, and the Dallas City Hall.  The building was once part of a three building development which included a twin tower and a hotel placed in a beautiful water park featuring many fountains.  The second tower and the hotel were never constructed, but the fountains were completed.  

The skyscraper is clad in green glass and is sculpted into a prism.  One of the unique features is that it looks completely different as you view it from various locations in Downtown.  Starting with a parallelogram in plan at the ground floor, upper stories are supported by two triangular shaped masses at the north and south corners.  This configuration is present for the first five floors.  Levels 6 through 13 are square in plan.  At the 14th level, the area of wall between the face of the building and the angled base below starts sloping upward, allowing the parallelogram shaped tower to be visible.  When the sloped glass wall ends at the corner of the structure, the tower section then starts sloping upward to form a ridge at the center.  Fountain Place is 720 feet tall with 62 stories, making it the 5th tallest skyscraper in Dallas.


View from the roof of the Kirby Building
View from the Penthouse of the Kirby Building

Small Fountains

Main Fountain

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