Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower at Sunset

Reunion Tower

300 Reunion Blvd. - 1978

Another one of Dallas' signature buildings, Reunion Tower is a 560 tall observation tower that was constructed as a part of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.  The shaft of the tower is constructed from poured in place concrete and features four concrete cylinders.  Three are placed on the outside in a triangular pattern and they house elevators that offer the passengers a view as they ride up or down.  The center one houses stairs and mechanical shafts.  The top of the tower is a three level structure, also constructed of poured in place concrete.  Surrounding this top is a geodesic dome formed with aluminum struts.  At the intersection of the aluminum members are 260 lights that are kept turned on most of the evening hours.  However, at certain times during the evening, the lights flash to different patterns for a special light show. 

The three levels at the top of the tower house different functions.  The lowest level is the observation deck, known as The Lookout.  Visitors can see the territory surrounding Dallas from indoor and outdoor areas.  The outdoor area offers a 360 degree walk that is covered by the upper levels.  Great views of the Dallas Skyline can be seen, as well as the skyline of Fort Worth, Las Colinas, and other groupings of buildings throughout the city.  A nominal fee is charged to visitors.  On the second level is Antares, which is a full service restaurant operated by the Hyatt Regency Dallas.  Antares offers lunch, dinner, and a Sunday brunch in an elegant and contemporary atmosphere.  The Dome, a cocktail lounge, is located on Reunion's highest level.  Beverages, food, and entertainment are offered nightly.  Both Antares and The Dome are on a revolving floor and complete a revolution every 55 minutes.  When constructed, Reunion Tower was a free standing structure, just to the south of the Hyatt Regency Dallas; however, with the major addition to the hotel opening in the summer of 2000, the tower is now enclosed by the addition.

Reunion Tower and the Hyatt were designed by Welton Becket & Associates from Los Angeles, California.  Reunion Tower is the 15th tallest building in Dallas.

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