Tower Petroleum Building

Elm & St. Paul - 1931

This Art Deco skyscraper is one of the few Zig-zag Moderne styled buildings left in Downtown Dallas.  The building is clad in limestone and has green spandrel panels between the windows.  The Tower Petroleum is very similar in styling to Fort Worth's Sinclair Building; however, they were not designed by the same architects.  Architect Mark Lemmon designed the Tower Petroleum Building.  Typical to the Zig-Zag Moderne style, the upper floors of the skyscraper are set back twice from the shaft of the building starting with a three story set back from the 19th floor.  At the 22nd floor, the top sets back again and this section is 2 stories in height.  These setbacks occur on three sides of the building.  At one time, the Tower Theater was located behind the building and the lobby to that theater was located inside the office building.  In 1951, the Corrigan Tower was constructed over and around the Tower Theater.  Tower Petroleum is 23 stories tall, with an overall height of 315 feet, making it the 45th tallest building in the city.

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